Thursday, 9 August 2012

Web Ribbons

I'm now well over 100 thumbnails into the project, and I've decided to start the ball rolling by scanning and formatting the first 120 of them (it took nearly a whole morning just for scanning!). I've been giving a good deal of thought to how I'll be presenting The Firelight Isle on the web, and after some deliberation, I've decided that the pages, once done, will should in two different directions. When in print, they can be arranged into a series of double-page spreads that work well together (that's how I've been thumbnailing them), but they've been drawn in such a way that they will also stack one on top of another seamlessly, and form "ribbons" (of about 10 pages at a time) that can be scrolled down from top to bottom - something that works well for webcomics. By increasing the spacing between certain panels, I'm hoping to give the webcomic its own scroll-contingent pacing, whereas the print comic will have pacing that relies on each double-page spread being absorbed at a time. This is no mean task, so I'm presenting these first "web strips" to contributors who are interested in being beta readers. Hopefully the feedback will help me streamline the finished product for both web and print. If you'd like a chance to beta-read The Firelight Isle, but didn't get a chance to contribute to the IndieGoGo campaign, I'm still accepting donations through PayPal, since every penny I raise for the project can be put to use in the production and promotion! I'll leave you with a thumbnail of the thumbnails to give you an idea what I'm intending: